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Los Angeles-based POKETO featured the collaboration between Japanese artist Miki Amano and Fabrica Social on their inspiring blog!

See the post on Poketo’s blog.


Poketo designs limited edition art products, accessories, apparel, and decor. Founded by Ted Vadakan and Angie Myung, Poketo promotes the work of top international artists by showcasing original artwork through their fun and accessible wares. Poketo takes art off of gallery walls and makes them a part of everyday life.

Miki has collaborated with Poketo as a contributing artist in the past, including wallets such as the ones shown above (now out of print).  To see the her previous collaborations with Poketo, check out her artist page on their site here.  

Above, Miki prepares Fabrica Social’s first Tokyo exhibition (which she curated) in 2007.  For more work on Miki’s collaboration with Fabrica Social, see our November 13 post here

To stay updated on current Fabrica Social exhibitions, sales and collaborations in Japan, make sure to check in regularly with our Japanese site (maintained by Miki) at www.fabricasocialjp.wordpress.com

And just for old times’ sake, here’s a pic of Miki’s first trip to Mexico in 2005 while visiting old friend and Fabrica Social collaborator Nadia Williams:


To see more of Miki’s amazing illustrations and other creations, visit her site at www.mikiamano.com

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This September, Fábrica Social co-founder Emilienne Limón was invited to speak at the first UNESCO World Forum on Culture and Cultural Studies in Monza, Italy.  This forum brought together decision-makers, creators and the private sector to discuss the role of culture in sustainable development. 


The program was designed to encourage debate and stimulate fertile, interdisciplinary and innovative thinking around the selected theme of “Creativity, Innovation and Excellence: From Crafts to the Design and Fashion Industries”. Participants explored connections between crafts, design and the fashion industry  as well as economic performance and artistic excellence.  

  An excerpt of Emilienne’s presentation: 

“Our approach to the groups of women-artisans it is not the common approach.  While a lot of development programs are addressed to poor, indigenous women, Fábrica Social addresses its projects to creative, productive talented women. To unlink poorness, indigenous and women it is fundamental for us. This means we are not looking to collect funds to charity, but to collect funds and talents that allow women to construct their own projects. This also allows us to create horizontal relationships between artisans, designers and consumers.”

For more info, take a look at UNESCO’s World Forum site.

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