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Coming soon!  New hand-woven designs by Yohocuaha. 

In January, Jorge Pérez Boeneker (designer of the no-longer Fábrica Social store in Mexico City and FS logo) and Nadia Williams (FS collaborator) joined the group of Mixteca artisans in the beautiful Costa Chica of the state of Oaxaca to come up with ideas for a few new items to increase their sales for 2011. 

Though a short visit (moreso since the incredible back-strap loom technique seems to swallow time), there was enough time to solidify new home items, accessories and a new garment as well as to reflect on how much this group has accomplished over the past 5 years while collaborating with Fabrica Social.   

Agustina reflected on how she and her compañeras used to say they couldn’t make certain designs because they felt they weren’t capable.. But after learning new techniques over the past few years, they realize they were actually just scared, but that they can.

Nadia’s participation in the workshop is part 2 of a 3-part plan to continue the design development of collaborating artisan groups sponsored by Parsons the New School for Design‘s Faculty Research Fund.  Up next: Dzitnup!

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