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Chamuchic is an innovative concept founded in 2010 by the textile designer Claudia Muñoz. The brand’s creator graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana and during her professional career she has collaborated on investigative projects regarding fashion trends for various companies such as Scappino and Cotton Incorporated. In 2007 she joined the Fashion Week Mexico team directing the fashion area.

“My contact with the superficial aspect of fashion made me look for a new direction in my professional career.”

This is how, in the middle of 2008,  she made the decision to begin a new adventure and travel to San Cristobal de las Casas to make this pueblo mágico her new home. Through the contact that Claudia has with artisans from various communities in los Altos de Chiapas, she created the brand Chamuchic which celebrates the beauty of the artisans creating a harmonious balance between the traditional and the contemporary.

“Artisans’ hands work with the back-strap loom and embroideries, they mold clay and draw ancient maya motifs with natural dyes. Chamuchic directs their creativity and skill  with knowledge from a market that is foreign to them, but one that they depend on for the survival of their ancient tradition.”

We invite you to check out the line of timeless accessories inspired by an urban lifestyle and made by artisanal techniques with natural materials. Chamuchic places a special emphasis on the task of rescuing and promoting traditional maya designs, renovating them through new products and color combinations. www.chamuchic.com

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